The Canyon Agoura was a blast!

Thank you for partying with us

To say we had fun is an understatement. We appreciate everyone coming out to support us. Do you see yourself in the background?

We will be at Libbey Bowl In Ojai and back at The Canyon Agoura in the fall.

Hopefully our album will be out by then...we are working hard on it.

We hope to see you soon!.



HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s the close of the first year for The Paul Devlin Band. On behalf of the band, I deeply appreciate your support of our music. 

I realize that I haven’t really shared our story. I think it is pretty amazing and I want to share it with you if you will indulge me.

On January 24, 2019 The Paul Devlin Band played a three hour show in Malibu at Casa Escobar to a packed house…then Covid hit! I went into hiding and the band went into hiatus.


(Note: I have had my music profile up on a musician’s exchange website for years with no activity ever, from anyone when the following happened…)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

I get an email from Greg Watmore, a pedal steel player, guitarist and songwriter who had seen my music profile on the musician’s exchange website. His words centered around how much he loved my music and would love to be able to play these songs with me.  I tell him how flattered I am but tell him I am not ready to get out and play until I feel safe.

I send him some tracks of my songs, he lays down some parts and I am blown away by his amazing playing.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022,

I get an email from Matt Shumway, a guitarist, singer/songwriter. He sees my profile on the musician’s exchange website and almost word for word repeats Greg’s feelings and intentions.  I am wondering now if I am getting punked. He does not know Greg at all.

I send the man some tracks, he puts stuff down and I don’t know what to do with how amazing he plays. I tell him about Greg, who he does not know and he is impressed. I proceed to tell him I am not ready to get together and play yet. Both Greg and Matt agree that they will wait until I am ready.


The Paul Devlin band with original members, Kim Ledoux and John Marossy get together with Matt and Greg to play and it is kismet! The music and the personalities just clicked. We need to find a drummer. Matt and Greg step up totally on their own, without me asking and start trying to find a drummer for us.

APRIL 1, 2023,

Three drummers are lined up for auditions. Two of the drummers back out, one drummer shows up, JC Worman. From the moment he started playing it just all come together. After a few songs I turn to him and asked, “Do you want to play with us?”. He responded, “Yes!”.

It’s kind of like asking someone out on a date, a little nervous, a little uncomfortable, putting someone on the spot like that and holding your breath anticipating the answer. The man is a monster drummer, amazingly talented with a pure was meant to be. Also, he lives within miles of the entire band, except for Kim who lives in Malibu.

It is so difficult to put a band together, let alone an original band with musicians who are not spread out by too many miles to make rehearsals. On top of that, everyone in this band is so humble and kind. I can really only speak for myself, but I think whatever egos might have existed in our younger years slowly dissolved into the reality of what life is really all about.


We were blessed with five wonderful, fun gigs that came pretty quickly and kept us busy learning the songs and getting to know each other. There are clips from some of our shows on our IG and FB pages.


We are now laying down tracks for what is planned as our first EP. It is time the TPDB get recorded with these incredible musicians who are bringing their amazing flavor to these songs.

We are committed to being self-sufficient in getting our own songs recorded and released…bragging rights you might say.

We don’t have a name for the EP yet but in time.


So there you have it. Me personally, I am humbled by this convergence of all the right things, with the right people at this moment. I hope this wonderful group of musicians will be together years from now, smiling at one another in the studio, on stage and maybe even in a touring van if only to be heading to Santa Barbara to play the Bowl.

Thank you again for your support. We hope to make you proud, give you music you can enjoy and feel good knowing you have been a part of our journey from the beginning. 

Happy New Year we hope to see you in ’24!!

Paul Devlin on behalf of The Paul Devlin Band


We had an amazing time playing Santa Barbara on State Street! We look forward to being back in SB in '24! In the meantime, enjoy the photos…TPDB!


Food Share of Ventura Co. Annual Shindig

We had an amazing time at Food Share of Ventura County's Annual Shindig! Over 350 people in attendance to raise money for a great cause! This was our 3rd show and we seem to be having more fun each time we play together. It takes time to just get comfortable with the songs, getting to knew each other and having it flow as naturally as possible. This group of musicians put it all out there in every song, at rehearsals, on stage, and even backstage before the show, they are working on parts together. It's a fun ride so let's keep going....hope to see you at the 2023 CONEJO FOOD FEST in Thousand Oaks on October 13th!

We Are On The Move...

What a blast we had at Enegren Brewery in Moorpark, CA! We were so excited to be playing our second show and we had so much fun. For a while it looked like we might actually get rained out but the rain didn't start falling until we were already packing up. Everyone scrambled to get the equipment out of the rain, even people who came to see us chipped in to help. We saw some new faces and many familiar faces who hadn't seen us do a show since the pandemic hit so in some ways it felt like a reunion.

We are looking forward to our next show on the 23rd at the FOOD SHARE of Ventura County fundraiser and then on to State Street in Santa Barbara at INSTITUTION ALES on October 19th! Greg Watmore, our amazing Lap Steel and Guitarist secured both these brewery shows for us and we couldn't appreciate it more. Matt Shumway, our incredible guitarist, songwriter and singer secured the FOOD SHARE show for us as well so we are doubly appreciative. 

Thank you, as always for being a part of The Paul Devlin Band Community!

Our first show and it was fun! 

Well we did it! Our first gig as a band at Rosenthal Wines in Malibu was an unforgettable experience full of excitement, a little bit of nerves and lots of anticipation. We discovered the power of unity, the excitement of performing and the joy of connecting with everyone who came out to see us.

We have officially crossed the threshold from being a rehearsing band to a band on stage. One of the most rewarding aspects of our first gig was seeing everyone's genuine smiles of appreciation of the music. That made all the hard work worthwhile for us. We couldn't be more encouraged by the response we got on that beautiful, breezy day!

This band began on April 1st with John Marossy, Kim Ledoux, Greg Watmore, Matt Shumway and JC Worman. It has been a fun ride together, getting to know one another, not only as musicians, but as friends. 

We will continue the hard work as we write and learn new material, get to recording the band and line up more performances. 

Stay tuned because this is just the beginning of a new journey for us and for you!

~ Paul Devlin

Getting It Together 

The Paul Devlin Band is rehearsing, getting ready to roll it out. We have our first gig at Rosenthal Winery in Malibu 7.22.2023. We look forward to sharing our music with you.